The Abbaye district in Grenoble is one of those urban ensembles that can be viewed with interest but also with anxiety. Indeed, how can the architectural heritage be transformed through its design and composition? In a co-construction approach, it should be possible to combine the preservation of a heritage, a memory of a neighborhood with the requirements of comfort and usages of the contemporary life in the dwellings and in the whole district.
To succeed in the challenge, the team proposed to interlace different scales: metropolitan dynamics; neighborhood life; livability of the existing courtyard; dwellings habitability.

Architecture and Urban: Particules (mandatary)
Landscaping: D'Ici la Paysage
Co-construction: Bazar urbain (Grenoble) and Construclab (Berlin)
Heritage and dwellings renewal: Atelier Paris (Vienne) Benedicte Chaljub
Project set up consultancy: Une Fabrique de la Ville
Acoustics and energy: Nicolas Remy
Research: Master Urban Design Grenoble University

Status: work in progress
Site: Grenoble (FR 38)
Client: City of Grenoble, SPL SAGES, ACTIS
Area: 3 ha
Date: pre-operational study 2016-2018
Framework contract for Urban Project Management 2020-2027
Budget: 180,000 euros 2016-2018 and 2.7 million euros budget for public spaces

Diagnosis, Development project and housing programme, Assistance for calls for projects, Elaboration of regulatory and feasibility documents.

Updating a social heritage