19 bis rue Jean Baptiste Semanaz
93310 Pré-saint-Gervais
Access Métro porte de Pantin

Registered Office:
7 villa des Vosges,
92270 Bois-Colombes


Founding Partners:
Lou Bellegarde and Fabienne Boudon

Work at Particules:
Marie Banatre
Clément Bonnet
Andrea Cusanno
Julie Eymery
Laura Lièvre

Have worked at Particules:
Samuel Zwerger
Charlotte Lebreton
Carmen Bahia
Aurélie Plante
Mariagrazia Santoro

Particules is an architecture and urbanism office that leans on a strong complementarity between the project process and concrete transformation actions, between political vision and geographical and environmental sensibility. Particules mutualises experience, analysis, and knowhow in land and urban planning, and architecture in Europe. Founded in 2016 by Lou Bellegarde and Fabienne Boudon, in Paris and Berlin, Particules benefits from many international references, in territorial strategy/strategies, as well as operational and research projects. Particules won the Young Urban Planners Awards 2018 (Palmarès des Jeunes Urbanistes), 7th session of this award given by the french Ministry of Territorial Cooperation.

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