The workshops of the territories are an initiative led by the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion, which allows to (re) think collectively a territory. For the 2017 session, the national reflection issue was entitled: Better living together in the suburbia.
Our approach around Caen-La-Mer was based on uses. This approach made it possible to change the representations on suburbia. This exercise leads us especially to reconsider the political economy of the suburbia: the design of this spaces obeys an economic logic which leads to an extensive use of the grounds with is also in clear shift with the aspirations of many actors. A new economic model of suburbia urbanization needs to be invented by giving more value to soils by taking into account their resource value.

Architecture and Urban: Particules
Geographer and political scientist: Acadie (Mandatary)
Public policy design: Vraiment Vraiment

Status: Issued study
Site: Aire urbaine de Caen (FR 14)
Client: DDTM du Calvados
Date: 2016 à 2018
Budget: 90,000 euros

Strategy of territory built with local actors, Organization and animation of three workshops with elected officials and local actors, Implementation of a participatory strategy, Elaboration of a roadmap, National restitution.

Suburban Commons