Located in the dynamic of the three borders metropolitan area, the town of Huningue develops several projects for the renewal of its brown-fields. The site in the south bank canal should accommodate 500 dwellings, two schools, one sport hall.
The new neighborhood project is based on several principles: Improve the relations to the landscape and the canal by two new large linear parks (le parc des écoles and le parc de la pépinière) as well as the setting up of shared spaces; propose various housing typology, preferring apartments in double or triple orientations and integrate short-term uses and long-term orientations outside the project perimeter

Architecture and Urban: Particules
Project set up consultancy: Une Fabrique de la Ville (mandatary)
Landscaping: Michel Desvigne Paysages
Engineering: Berest

Status: On going study
Site: Huningue (FR 68)
Client: City of Huningue
Area: 6 ha
Date: 2017 à 2020
Budget: 190,000 euros

Diagnosis, Elaboration of the guide plan, Specifications for landscape and urban architectural prescriptions, Support for the elaboration of regulatory dossiers, Assistance for consultation.

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